New Zealand offers 3 Year Open Work Visa to International Students

With effect from 26 November 2018, students successfully completing bachelors, masters or doctoral in New Zealand will be eligible for a 3 year open work visa. An ‘Open’ Work Visa holds a lot of importance as students will not require companies/employers to sponsor them a work visa. They can work in any job, for any employer and anywhere in New Zealand post study.

Moreover international students who pursue

1. Level 7 or Level 8 (Graduate Certificate/ Graduate Diploma / Bachelors Degree / postgraduate certificate/ postgraduate diploma / bachelors honors degree) provided the field of study is mentioned in the New Zealand Long Term skills shortage List OR

2. Masters or Doctoral studies will be entitled to,

a) Open Work Visa for Spouse AND

b) Free Domestic Schooling for dependent children.

Successful completion of the following levels of education will make you eligible for open post-study work visas of one, two or three years.

** Following at least 60 weeks of study
* Following at least 30 weeks of study

These changes will make it a lot easier for many students and workers to obtain permanent citizenship of New Zealand. Though New Zealand has taken these steps to invite more highly-skilled labor to their economy, these policies will benefit thousands of international students and workers.

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